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How Infrared Light Therapy Helped Me Heal an Injury

Learn the science behind infrared light therapy with Dr. Allen to help you heal active tissue, create more energy, enhance sports performance, accelerate weight loss and boost elasticity in your skin.

When I first injured my shoulder, I wanted to maintain my current exercise routine and continue practicing and teaching yoga. Eventually, the pain grew worse and I knew I needed a diagnosis and treatment plan to recover. I visited Dr. Allen at SDRI and he told me I had supraspinatus tendinosis and subacromial bursitis – I tore my top rotator cuff, had impingement of the tendon and inflammation of the bursa. He helped me develop a well-rounded treatment plan that included ultrasound and stem therapy, physical therapy exercises and six sessions in the Trifecta Light Bed.

Infrared Light Therapy: How It Works

The Trifecta Light Bed uses infrared and near infrared light therapy to help accelerate the healing process. The bed has 3,400 LED lights that penetrate to the cellular level, making it 30x stronger and more powerful than devices you can use at home.

It supercharges your cells, causing them to mass-produce energy. It also helps accelerate the blood flow to active tissues by 150x the normal amount to increase healing.

In this video, I discuss more details with Dr. Allen.

Who Can It Help?

The Trifecta Light Bed can be used to recover faster from an injury (like inflammation in your shoulder) or to improve sports performance. For example, you can use it before and after a strenuous activity like running a race or lifting weights. It has an added benefit of penetrating fat cells and producing more collagen and elastin in the skin (I know, it sounds too good to be true, right?!).

Although the light bed is considered a non-invasive therapy, it is important to consult with your doctor before trying it out.

My Results

I admit that I was a little skeptical at first – it didn’t seem possible that one machine could have so many benefits. I kept track of how I felt after each session and I started to notice a difference in my energy levels and mobility.

  • Session 1: I could feel a rush of blood flowing through my body that evening

  • Session 2: I noticed more mobility in my shoulder when practicing yoga

  • Session 3: I was able to do assisted pull-ups for the first time in 6 months the day after

  • Session 4: I had a sustained boost in energy that lasted about 9 hours (until I went to sleep) and I didn’t have any issues falling asleep

  • Session 5: I was able to go for a run with more ease and less soreness

  • Session 6: I could lift my arm up with more range of motion

Here is a before and after picture:

Along with increased shoulder mobility, I noticed my skin was clearer and I lost 1 inch around my arms, 1.25 inches around my thighs, 1.5 inches around my stomach and 2 inches around my hips.

With any recovery process, I believe it takes effort. Relying on the effects of infrared light without doing physical therapy exercises and following recommendations for home care is only cheating yourself. It’s important to have a holistic plan, listen to your body and work with your community, including your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, yoga instructor and strength coach to heal.

Remember that you are not alone. Dr. Allen and I are here to support you. Send me a message in the contact form on the home page if you would like to chat more about my experience healing an injury. If you would like to learn more about the Trifecta Light Bed or treatments at SDRI, send an email to

In healing and strength,


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