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5 Benefits of Trying Private Yoga Sessions

One-on-one yoga classes are tailored to your needs so you can deepen your understanding of poses, practice safely and build confidence. Read more about the benefits and schedule a session with me today.

Have you ever signed up for a crowded yoga class and felt overwhelmed? While group yoga classes can be a great way to build community, certain aspects like sanskrit terms, complex poses and controlled breathing can be confusing – especially when the person next to you is turning into a pretzel.

Group yoga classes may move at a faster pace with less explanation of how to get in and out of poses safely. With large classes, it can be difficult for the instructor to tailor the session to your needs. Whether you are new to yoga, looking to deepen your understanding of postures, or are healing from an injury, one-on-one lessons will provide a personalized experience to help you build confidence at your own pace.

Here are some of the benefits of taking private yoga sessions.

1. Receive individualized attention for what your body needs

  • Learn how to safely practice while recovering from an injury

  • Try variations of poses that feel more easeful for your body

  • Change movement patterns that no longer serve you

  • Work with the instructor to achieve your goals

2. Deepen your understanding of yoga

  • Learn the anatomy of postures

  • Practice with safe form and alignment

  • Prevent future injuries

  • Learn common terms and sanskrit names to familiarize yourself with language used in group classes

  • Develop a deeper understanding of yoga history and philosophy

3. Move at your own pace

  • Practice different styles of yoga (such as hatha, vinyasa and restorative) based on your needs

  • Explore staying in poses for different lengths

  • Book sessions that fit into your schedule with less stress

4. Learn to practice without your ego

  • Reduce distractions with individualized sessions

  • Avoid comparison to those around you

  • Develop curiosity and confidence in your body

5. Practice in a safe and supported environment

  • Receive guided assists based on your comfort level (verbal, visual or physical)

  • Release stress and relax in a safe space

  • Step out of your comfort zone and try new or challenging poses with support

I waited many years before taking a private yoga session, but I wish I tried it sooner to avoid injuries (like loose ligaments) and reshape movement patterns that didn’t feel good in my body. I offer personalized yoga sessions so I can share what I’ve learned, meet you where you are and hold a safe space for you to explore, destress and feel good.

One of my students writes:

“Shannon has an impressive ability to meet you where you are and tune into how you can get the most out of your practice. She provides helpful, individualized recommendations to make sure you are learning proper form and engagement to deepen your practice. Shannon helped me learn to come to my yoga practice with a greater sense of awareness and acceptance of my body, and attune to the interconnections of my body and mind.“

I’d love to practice with you either in-person in San Diego, CA. or virtually via Zoom. If you are interested in learning more or want to schedule a private session, click on the link below or send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!

With gratitude,


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