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What Are the Benefits of Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra allows you to effortlessly relax, while remaining alert and aware. Learn about the deep healing benefits and experience a guided practice.

Have you ever experienced a flash of creative genius right before falling asleep? It could be a solution to a current problem or inspiration for the future. When I have these intuitive downloads, I instantly know that they are the right course of action. When we turn inward and practice deep rest, we can begin to access our subconscious and unconscious mind, opening up new possibilities and healing benefits. One of the most effective techniques for accessing this state is being guided through a yoga nidra practice.

“Yoga nidra” is often translated as conscious sleep or yogic sleep. It is a form of guided meditation for effortless relaxation, while maintaining awareness. We can access both delta brainwaves (which are slow and most often accessed in deep sleep for healing) and alpha brainwaves (which have a higher frequency for a calm, yet present state).

When I practice yoga nidra, I often lose track of time and space — it’s as if I’m floating on another planet. And yes, I’ve accidentally fallen asleep during yoga nidra and started snoring (or so I’ve been told). Whatever experience you have is the experience you need at that moment. Give yourself grace as you surrender to rest. You will still receive benefits from the practice!

Why should you practice yoga nidra?

Yoga nidra has many benefits for the mind and body, including the ability to:

  • Access both the left side of the brain (associated with logic, planning and strategy) and right side of the brain (associated with creativity, imagination and emotion)

  • Activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response) for more calm and better digestion

  • Lower cortisol levels for reduced stress

  • Regenerate and heal the body

  • Release positive hormones (including serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, GABA, DHEA, melatonin, HGH and dopamine)

  • Support the circadian rhythm for a healthy sleep cycle

  • Help regulate emotions

  • Improve focus, concentration and memory

  • Release stuck energy to break free from old patterns (samskaras)

  • Increase inspiration, creativity and intuition

Are you ready to experience the benefits of the practice? I recorded a 20-minute yoga nidra class on YouTube that you can listen to any time (though I generally recommend it on an empty stomach). In this practice, we will set an intention, focus on different parts of the body, bring awareness to the breath, experience our senses, visualize images, and rest in stillness. Find a comfortable position, get cozy and press play.

How do you feel after taking the time to rest and replenish your body and mind? Remember that every experience is unique so trust the process and keep coming back with an open mind.

I am here to support you in this journey. Join me for a yoga nidra class and sound bath in person on November 5 from 3-4pm at Bamboo Garden Wellness Center in Encinitas as we reset our natural rhythm and practice self-care.

If you have any questions or want to practice with me in a one-on-one setting, send me a message using the contact form at the bottom of my homepage or email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Resting in blissful awareness,


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