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A Breathing Technique for More Energy — Sans Caffeine

This quick and effective breathing practice boosts energy, improves mental clarity and gets your body moving.

When the midday slump hits and my energy is running low, I often find myself reaching for a caffeinated beverage. While this quick fix helps in the moment, it is typically followed by a crash or disrupted sleep. I started searching for an alternative to my afternoon pick-me-up (something quick and effective that doesn’t cost money). I discovered a breathing technique that can be done in under five minutes to boost brain power, increase energy and spark creativity.

This method involves taking 3 short inhales using the arms to create an X, Y and I shape, followed by a forceful exhale. It helps move and clear stuck energy — plus it is a fun way to get the body moving! I recommend modifying the pace and pausing if you begin to feel lightheaded or dizzy. Make sure you are cleared by a doctor before modifying your breath.

Are you ready to try it out? I invite you to stand up and press play on the video below.

How do you feel after this breathing practice? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. You have access to tools that can help you get through your day without that extra cup of joe (or tea).

You can find other breathing techniques, meditations, movement practices and more on my YouTube channel. If you have questions or want to work together one-on-one, send me an email at or fill out the contact form on my homepage. I am here to support you in your wellness journey. 

Wishing you an abundance of energy,


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