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How to Embody Your Intentions to Achieve Your Goals

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Learn about the power of embodiment through meditation and yoga to manifest your desires.

Setting your intentions is the first step to manifesting your desires. But once you put down the pen and paper, you may be wondering what comes next? Typically the pieces don’t just fall into place (though if you have a spare genie on hand, please let me know).

Embodiment is the key to manifesting your dreams into reality. Embodying your intentions involves carrying the energy of what you want to create in your body so your actions align with your desires.

How do you embody your intentions?

Consciously creating our external world requires going inward. The body links us to our internal and external worlds. We can use meditation and movement to hold the frequency of our intentions in our body.

The body is an energetic system consisting of seven main chakras (energy centers) that keep our energy flowing. They include:

  • Root (muladhara): at the very base of our torso between the legs. The root chakra can hold and govern energy related to foundations, stability, sense of belonging or home, and core patterns or beliefs

  • Sacral (svadhisthana): in the lower abdomen near the sexual center of the body. The sacral chakra can hold and govern energy related to fertility, creativity, and newness. It is considered a very powerful chakra to work with for manifesting

  • Solar plexus (manipura): in the upper abdomen at the base of the rib cage. The solar plexus can hold and govern energy related to self-confidence, personal will power, and sense of identity

  • Heart (anahata): near the anatomical heart in the center of the chest. The heart chakra connects the upper and lower chakras and can hold and govern energy related to self-love, ability to give and receive love, the way we engage with others, compassion and empathy

  • Throat (vishuddha): at the base of the neck, near the collarbone. The throat chakra can hold and govern energy related to self-expression, speaking and living our truth, and expressing emotions

  • Third eye (anja): in the center of the head and often depicted above the eyebrows and centered between the eyes. It is also believed to reside near the anatomical pineal gland. The third eye chakra can hold and govern energy related to self-awareness, intuition, spiritual awakening, and perception or seeing with clarity

  • Crown (sahasrara): at the top of the head positioned near the highest point of the cranium. The crown chakra can hold and govern energy related to spiritual awareness and connection, transformation, wisdom and higher consciousness

When we move from the crown chakra to the root chakra, we are moving with the current of manifestation. In the video below, we will go through a meditation that moves with the current of manifestation, along with grounding yoga poses to embody our intentions.

You can come back to this meditation and movement practice many times throughout the year. It’s important to give yourself space and permission to reflect and adjust your intentions along the way. With focused attention, you’ll continue to move forward on the path to realizing your dreams.

We are here to support you in every step of this journey. If you have any questions, send me an email using the contact form on the homepage or contact KC at

With gratitude,

Shannon & KC

KC Preska is the founder and owner of Flower of Life Healing Arts. She is an intuitive healer and coach who helps others restore their own healing abilities, connect more deeply with their inner wisdom, and embody their gifts to more fully live their soul purpose. She is certified in multiple modalities of energy work including as a Reiki Master, Meridian Energy Practitioner, Sekhem Healing, and Spiritual Energy Healing.

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