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How to Use Crystals to Boost Your Energy and Heal

Crystals are a powerful tool in meditation to help increase the flow of energy and improve your mood due to their high vibrational frequency.

Over the years, meditation has been a transformative tool in my healing and wellness journey. It doesn’t always come easy (or naturally), but sitting in stillness and witnessing has helped me relieve stress and anxiety so I can better navigate unpredictable and difficult situations. But some days, I find my meditations need a little boost. When I am low on energy, in a negative headspace, or feeling stuck, I incorporate crystals into my practice.

At first, I was drawn to crystals because of their unique beauty. It wasn’t until I began to learn about their structure and energetic frequency that I became curious about their healing power and decided to try it for myself. I started by taking Jess Kay’s Crystal Healing Online Course, where I learned about energy auras, chakras (energy centers), crystalline patterns and attuning to a crystal’s energy.

Our energetic frequency can be impacted by our environment, experiences, emotions and other people, and therefore it can fluctuate throughout the day. We have seven main chakras that help with the flow of energy, but they can become unbalanced and the energy can become stuck or blocked. This can manifest in physical sensations or symptoms in the body, and when we don’t release negative energy, it can even cause disease.

In contrast, crystals have a stable energetic frequency because of their crystalline structure. Crystals form based on their temperature and mineral content in specific geometric patterns. The energy of a crystal will move to the top of its natural point based on how it was growing in nature. Crystals have a dominant oscillatory rate that does not fluctuate or decrease. Additionally, larger crystals have larger energy auras. The high vibrational frequency of crystals can help us shift our own vibrational frequency.

How Can We Use Crystals to Raise Our Vibration?

I began noticing what crystals I was drawn to during different times of the day, when big emotions came up or when I felt unbalanced. I would choose a crystal and hold it in my hands for 10 minutes. I noticed I would feel more grounded and centered. I also experienced a light pulsing sensation in my hands. After feeling the vibrational energy of crystals, I started incorporating them into my meditations by placing them on a chakra I was looking to unblock or an area of my body that needed extra love and healing. As I started experiencing the healing magic, I knew I wanted to share this practice with others. I filmed a meditation on YouTube so you can experience the benefits for yourself.

Tips for Using Crystals For Energetic Healing

To receive the healing benefits of crystals, I recommend:

  • Letting your intuition guide you and trusting what you are drawn to

    • You can also consider choosing a specific crystal or color that aligns with a chakra

  • Clearing/cleansing your crystals before and after you use them. Crystals may have energetic residue after being touched that should be released

    • Make sure to research your crystal before choosing your clearing method, as certain crystals may dissolve or rust with water. Some options for clearing may include:

      • Submerging in water or salt water (this is not recommended with selenite, pyrite or malachite)

      • Using the smoke from sage or palo santo (or you can use a spray)

      • Immersing in a bowl of salt

      • Playing high vibrational sounds (like chimes, bells or bowls)

      • Sending Reiki/source energy

  • Setting an intention when you use your crystal

  • When working with a new crystal, start by using it for a small amount of time (5-10 minutes) and gradually increase the time as you become more attuned to its vibration

  • The closer you are to a crystal, the more the crystal's energy aura will impact your energy. Placing it on your body will have more of an effect

  • You do not need to charge crystals because they have a stable vibration that does not change or run out

I hope you find crystals helpful in resetting your energy and healing your body and mind. As I continue to develop my own practice and understanding of crystals, I will share my experience with you.

If you would like to learn more, please join me for a crystal healing sound bath and workshop in person on November 18 from 11am-12pm at Bamboo Garden Wellness Center in Encinitas. I look forward to seeing you there!

With healing energy,


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