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How Infrared Light Therapy Helped Me Recover Faster Postpartum

Learn the benefits of red light therapy to increase blood flow, tighten skin, accelerate weight loss and more while healing postpartum.

For me, the “fourth” trimester (the first 12 weeks after birth) was filled with wonder and awe, lots of caffeine, and immense changes in my body. From high blood pressure to heavy bleeding to hormone changes to mastitis — not to mention being deliriously tired — this trimester was the most challenging for me. Ironically, it is often the period with the least medical support for moms. 

I wanted to do everything possible to heal my body. I used infrared light therapy a couple years ago while recovering from a shoulder injury and became curious about using the Trifecta Light Bed once again to accelerate the healing process postpartum. At my six week postpartum visit, I asked my OBGYN about using red light therapy and was instantly given the green light.

How does infrared light therapy work?

Infrared light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that works with the body at the cellular level. There are many types of infrared light devices — including masks, panels, wraps, pads and beds. However, not all devices are equipped with the same power, which means results will vary widely. 

Why is the Trifecta Light Bed effective?

The Trifecta Light Bed supercharges the cells, causing them to mass produce ATP (energy). It also helps accelerate the blood flow to active tissues by 150x the normal amount to increase healing. The bed has over 3,200 LED lights that penetrate to the cellular level, making it 30x stronger and more powerful than devices you can use at home. 

In this video, I discuss more details with Dr. Allen at SDRI

Although the light bed is considered a non-invasive therapy, it is important to consult with your doctor before trying it out. 

My Results

I used the Trifecta Light Bed twice a week for a month. Some of the benefits I noticed were:

  • More energy: it felt like my cells were vibrating because of the increased cellular energy. I was able to get through the day with more energy and less caffeine

  • Weight loss: I took measurements before, midway through the process and at the end of the final session. I noticed the largest decrease around my stomach (which makes sense after carrying a baby)

    • Biceps: 0.75 inches 

    • Thighs: 1.75 inches

    • Stomach: 3 inches

    • Hips: 2.25 inches 

  • Skin: I noticed the stretch marks on my belly began to fade. I developed a rash from jewelry irritation. After using the bed, the rash became less irritated

  • Lactation: I experienced mastitis (when a clogged milk duct becomes infected) during my recovery process. Although it was very painful, the bed helped relieve soreness and allowed me to heal in a few days (rather than a week)

The Trifecta Light Bed can also help reduce postpartum pain, boost recovery from exercise and regulate hormone levels. 

The biggest thing I learned during the postpartum recovery process was to rest and give myself grace. Red light therapy, light movement, guided yoga nidra, constantly filled water bottles and a supportive community were key to feeling more like myself. 

I am here to support you on this journey. Send me a message in the contact form on the home page or email me at if you would like to chat about healing postpartum. If you are interested in learning more about the Trifecta Light Bed or treatments at SDRI, send an email to (and mention my name to receive a discount on the bed). 

With love and healing energy,


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