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The Power of Practicing Gratitude Through Yoga

Discover the benefits of cultivating gratitude through yoga to increase happiness and overcome adversity.

Practicing gratitude is just that — a practice. I typically take the “glass half full” approach to challenging situations, but there are days when the silver lining is hard to see. It can be tough to feel grateful in moments of high stress, difficult emotions or unpredictable events, but it turns out the practice is even more powerful during those circumstances.

Cultivating gratitude helps regulate negative emotions, overcome adversity, cope with traumatic events, build connection and promote creativity. This article published by Harvard Medical School explains that gratitude is associated with greater happiness and health.

I’ve found that yoga and journaling are helpful tools to express gratitude each day. Before you begin moving on the mat, take a moment to set an intention of gratitude. Reflect on one (or several) things you are thankful for, write them down and repeat them as you open your heart and flow through poses. You can use this video to guide you through a yoga flow focused on cultivating gratitude.

As cliché as it sounds, there is always something to be grateful for. Expressing gratitude doesn’t have to be about a life-changing event — it can be about appreciating the small, everyday details. This week, I wrote down that I was grateful for a warm cup of tea, the mat that has supported me through many mornings of yoga and a little extra time to snuggle with my cats.

After reflecting on those seemingly mundane moments throughout my yoga practice, I started noticing other things around me that invoked gratitude. I felt calmer and more positive throughout the day.

I hope this practice helps you find perspective, positivity and perseverance, especially in the hard times. You can add alternate nostril breathing before yoga or meditation after the flow to continue focusing on your intention of gratitude. If you found this practice beneficial, be sure to share it with loved ones and come back to it daily.

With gratitude,


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