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5 Self-Love Rituals to Practice Daily

Nourishing your body and mind with loving-kindness leads to greater compassion, confidence and happiness.

This morning, I looked at my to-do list and started feeling overwhelmed. Thoughts of self-doubt crept in and I caught myself saying things like “you aren’t trying hard enough” and “you are going to fail.” Pretty brutal, right? 

Our inner dialogue and self-care practices have a major impact on our resilience, happiness and health. Rather than opening my laptop and diving into the tasks for the day, I’ve learned that taking time to reflect and cultivate loving-kindness allows me to quiet my harsh inner critic so I can experience more compassion for myself and others.

Here are some ways to show yourself love each and every day:

1. Listen to a guided self-love meditation

Slowing down your mind through meditation brings awareness to the thoughts and inner dialogue so you can reframe them. Incorporating loving-kindness into your day develops more grace, gratitude and confidence.

2. Move through a heart-opening yoga class

By releasing tension and opening the heart, you can make space for positive new thoughts and experiences.

3. Write yourself a love letter

Journal about 3 things (or more!) that you love about yourself. It may seem silly, but celebrating your amazing qualities is a wonderful practice for building self-esteem (and it feels good).

4. Eat a nourishing meal

Whether preparing a homemade meal with love or ordering from your favorite restaurant, try to incorporate all the colors of the rainbow to feel sustained and satisfied.

5. Give back to your body

Draw a warm bath, give yourself a massage or get intimate! Your body does so much for you every day, so take time to appreciate it. 

I’m a big fan of the Awaken Collection from Green Compass, which includes bath soaks and intimacy oil. You can use the code 567473 at checkout for $10 off and get free shipping on Valentine’s Day.

Along with these self-love practices, I am excited to offer a special Valentine’s Day package of buy one, get one half off for private virtual or in-person yoga, sound healing or Reiki sessions. Send me a message using the contact form on the homepage or email me at to book a session.

What other ways do you cultivate self-love? Let me know in the comments below. However you decide to practice self-love, I am here to support you.

Sending you loving-kindness,


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