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How Does a Sound Bath Impact Your Nervous System?

Sound baths activate the parasympathetic nervous system to release stress, improve focus, increase creativity and more.

The first time I experienced a sound bath, it felt like every cell was vibrating in my body, pulsing with healing energy. I was mesmerized by the resonance of each bowl growing stronger and then fading out. I could feel the stress melt away and I was calmer for the remainder of the day. After experiencing the benefits for myself, I became curious about how sound impacts the nervous system so I could better understand the healing effects and share it with others.

The nervous system helps regulate a variety of voluntary and involuntary functions in the body. The voluntary nervous system (somatic nervous system) controls all the things that we are aware of and can consciously influence, such as movement. The involuntary nervous system (autonomic nervous system) controls the processes that happen automatically, including stress responses like our heartbeat and digestion.

Within the autonomic nervous system, there is the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. When the sympathetic nervous system is triggered, it prepares our body for “fight or flight” mode. The heart starts racing, digestion slows and we are flooded with cortisol. While this response is critical when we are being chased by a tiger, we do not want to stay in this mode for long periods of time, as it depletes our energy and causes symptoms of dis-ease. Unfortunately, everyday stresses like hectic schedules, traffic and constant phone notifications can trigger our sympathetic nervous system — even when we are safe. 

When the parasympathetic nervous system is triggered, it prepares our body for “rest and digest” mode. We are able to relax, heal and recover from the activities of the day. Sound baths can activate the parasympathetic nervous system through frequencies that impact our brainwaves. We typically spend most of our alert hours emitting beta brainwaves. As we become more relaxed, the frequency slows down, emitting alpha and then theta brainwaves. Sound baths help us enter this more relaxed state, allowing us to receive healing benefits like improved sleep, less pain, increased creativity, balanced energy and more. 

The soothing benefits of a sound bath can be felt even in a short amount of time. In the 10-minute YouTube video below, I play crystal alchemy sound bowls from Crystal Tones, producing a uniquely healing resonance. You can listen to this video any time you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or stuck.

I recommend taking the time to re-awaken slowly and ground after the sound bath is complete. Notice how your energy has shifted. Do you feel calmer or more focused? Share how you feel in the comments below and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more sound baths.

If you enjoyed the sound bath and would like to experience a session in-person, you can join me and AlexaMarie Crivelli on January 6, 2024 for a manifesting workshop that will include breath work, sound healing and vision board curation. You can learn more and register for the event on Eventbrite. I look forward to supporting you and your nervous system!

With healing energy,


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