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Stability and Strength: The Key to a Healthy Shoulder

Try rehabilitation exercises that strengthen muscles and keep your shoulder aligned to reduce the risk of inflammation and heal or prevent injuries.

Physical therapy exercises are a real pain. They can be uncomfortable, time consuming and daunting, especially when the recovery process is slow. Unfortunately when it comes to injuries, there is typically no “quick fix” — it requires rest, a treatment plan and consistent effort, often including a sequence of exercises recommended by a medical professional.

When I injured my shoulder after trying to keep up with a fast-paced workout video, I started working with Dr. Allen at SDRI to treat my rotator cuff. I learned how to modify my yoga practice and build mental strength. I used technology like stem, ultrasound and infrared light therapy to heal scar tissue and increase blood flow. As my shoulder began to heal, I integrated rehabilitation exercises into my routine every other day to increase mobility, stability and strength. I filmed the exercises so you can try them at home. Make sure to visit a healthcare professional or email Dr. Allen at before treating a shoulder injury.

Although my injury has healed, the work is just beginning. Since I have loose ligaments (a permanent condition thanks to years of over-stretching), the movements in the video help my shoulder stay aligned by strengthening the surrounding muscles, which reduces the risk of inflammation and future injuries. I plan to keep these shoulder exercises in my routine for the rest of my life.

From this rotator cuff injury, I learned about my shoulder structure and new physical therapy exercises to share with students. Most importantly, I learned to listen to my body and balance the work with the rest.

I hope these exercises help you heal, build strength and prevent future injuries. Let me know what you have learned on your fitness journey in the comments below.

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