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A little about me

With a passion for movement and mindfulness, I strive to help people prevent injury and begin healing through yoga, functional movement, Reiki and sound. 


After hours sitting at a desk and experiencing a wrist and shoulder injury, I realized the importance of listening to my body and slowing down.


I completed my RYT 500 at Yoga Tree/Yoga Works in San Francisco, studying with Darren Main, Jason Bowman, Judith Lasater, Annie Carpenter, Harvey Deutch and more.


I have over 600 hours of teaching experience, leading in-person and virtual classes across varying age levels. My classes focus on breath work, alignment, muscular engagement and healing energy to alleviate tension and release stress.

Principles of my practice




Side Plank Edited.jpg

I love to spin, strength train and play tennis. Yoga has helped me find balance amidst a busy lifestyle and a corporate job. I hope to help others find balance through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Wobbling on one leg, flipping upside down and sitting in silence takes courage. I invite you to open your heart, step out of your comfort zone with me and try new things.

Respect those practicing around you. Respect where you are right now, both mentally and physically. Respect the history and culture of yoga.

My offerings

How can I be of service to you?

Yoga by the Sea SD

Outdoor locations around San Diego

Saturday mornings: 9-10AM PST

Enjoy donation-based yoga outdoors to reconnect and recharge in nature. We will flow through dynamic poses with a focus on breath, alignment and engagement to grow stronger while releasing tension.

Whether it’s your first time trying yoga or you practice regularly, everyone is welcome to attend.


Hatha Flow Classes at Crunch Carmel Valley

6025 Village Way, San Diego, CA 92130

Sunday mornings: 10-11AM PST

Wake up your body with energizing and easeful poses, helping you focus for the remainder of your day.


Tuesday evenings: 6-7PM PST

Rejuvenate your body and mind with dynamic postures that will help you release stress and increase focus.

Wednesday evenings: 6:30-7:30PM PST

Relax, stretch and breathe as you move through poses to end your day on a lighter note.

Fun at Yoga

Private Classes

In-Person or Virtual Sessions

Learn how to align your body, deepen your practice and try new poses in a supported environment. Each class is tailored to your needs.

Recover from an injury by learning how to move safely and progress over time.

Warrior 2_edited.jpg

Corporate or Group Classes

In-Person or Virtual Sessions

Planning an event for your co-workers, family or friends?

Refocus, build positivity and connect through yoga. Each class focuses on mindful movement and deep breathing to give you energy or help you wind down from your day.

Corporate Yoga Class_Flipboard.JPG

At-Home Videos

Stream Videos On Your Schedule

Learn the foundations of poses, try different variations and grow stronger after an injury — all from the comfort of your home.

New videos are released each week. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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From my students


Kerri Anthony

I love taking Shannon's virtual corporate yoga class at Flipboard! She is extremely knowledgeable and has a very gentle teaching style that makes each class informative, enjoyable and inspirational. She is very authentic and her energy and passion for yoga shines through in her teaching. Her attention to movement, the body, the mind and her prompts on alignment and posture are always so helpful. I feel very open and relaxed at the end of her sessions and only wish that we had more classes with Shannon!

Get in touch

If you are interested in a corporate, group or private yoga session, please fill out the form or email me directly.

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